Wednesday, 4 January 2012

cuteTube for Symbian is now available for free

Due to Nokia Store's continuing inability to process Symbian applications built against Qt 4.7.4 (see here), which was announced back in early November 2011, I have now decided to make the latest version of cuteTube available for free. Nokia have not provided an ETA for a resolution to this problem, and my guess is that it will remain at least until Belle becomes officially available for all Symbian 3 devices. I don't even want to think about how long that could be, and I'm not prepared to keep those that have purchased cuteTube waiting indefinitely.


Version 1.0.6 of cuteTube can be downloaded from here. If you have an earlier version installed on your device, you will probably need to remove it before installing.

If you experience a black screen when first launching cuteTube, then you will most likely need to install the following:

Qt 4.7.4 for Symbian Anna, available here.

Qt Mobility 1.2.1 for Symbian Anna, available here.

Qt Components 1.1 for Symbian, available here.

You should install these in the order listed.

I would like to thank all those that have purchased cuteTube from Nokia Store and offer my apologies to those that have not been able to re-download the application to its removal.


  1. nice move! I'll buy some other App from you as soon as they are aailiable :)

    This Qt 4.7.4 thing really is stupid. Nokia Maps Suite and Pulse from Betalabs even use it. So many are using 4.7.4 anyways...

  2. Sorry to hear you won't be getting any sales of it just now, but we've given you a good review at All About Symbian

  3. Keep up the good work, the moment you uploaded this to the store i bought it and also musikloud, nice apps you have coded there man!, would be awesome if you could do something with vimeo, dailymotion, things like that you know, that we don't see often in symbian.

  4. hi, but in this version there's not the share buttons for facebook and twitter and music download as I saw in some screenshot of other version?

  5. Best Youtube App
    Try to make a Homescreen Widget

  6. Very nice app but sometimes get error message "invalid address, Unable to connect to server". Videos that was working yesterday won't work today. Is it a issue within the app or YouTube server issue?

  7. Best YT app, best video quality, would be great to add 720p playback without download if it is possible.

    Thank You fantastic work !

  8. thank you ! waiting for a decent youtube client fo my belle n8 for a while now ..

  9. CuteTube is the best youtube client for n8 and other v3 smartphones...................
    u hve done vry excellent job...keep it up

  10. I have just installed this following the AAS review. Unfortunately I am getting the same errors as mwistran - just about every attempt to view a video results in "Unable to connect to server. Invalid web address". Any ideas on the cause of the problem?

  11. Nice app but doesn't like metal! No results for 'slipknot' unlike you tube downloader....

  12. the same for me "Unable to connect to server. Invalid web address"
    Wlan and 3G are full accessable

  13. app is excellent. good looks, its quick, simple, good style ...
    however, same here, also have the "Unable to connect to server. Invalid web address" quite often. most of the time when Im in WLAN, but also quite often in 3G or 3.5G ....

    other then that, great work man!

  14. This app is now in nokia store.

  15. I noticed there's an update for the app, but it's not free anymore, costs around €3. Also, the changelog at symbiantweet dot com says new features have been added for facebook/tiwtter.

    However, there's little use in updating/buying the app when most of the time the error "Unable to connect to server. Invalid web address" is displayed....

  16. I am still getting this error as well - at least 8 out of 10 times I try to open a video. When it does work it works really nicely, but the number of errors is far too high to be acceptable.

    Can you let us know what you are doing to investigate / fix this bug? Do you need any more information from me to help your analysis?

    Are you even reading these comments and providing support?

  17. Your link is not accessable anymore and the app cannot be downloaded from nokia store for belle as well. Could you please provide a new link :) Thx a lot