Friday, 26 November 2010

cuteTube now in extras-testing

cuteTube 0.9.2-5 (a YouTube client for the Nokia N900) is now in the Maemo 5 extras-testing repository. There have been a few UI tweaks (see screenshots below), and the UI will continue to improve, but my main focus will now be on improving the video playback experience.

Please test and vote for cuteTube here.


  1. it still has a problem.... it does not show up movie time properly if movie time is in hours... it displays only minutes and seconds... not hours... for example... search by relevance for 'maine pyar kiya'... the first result it will show up is of actually 3 hrs 4 mins and 42 secs... but it displays only 4 mins 42 secs... i hope i have explained in details...

    Kashif Manzoor

  2. hi cutetube does not start the downloading plz tell me what to do

  3. Are you gonna make a Symbian version of Cutetube? With Qt and QML, it should be easy no?